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Brian Langille comes to What’s The Finish with a few years of podcasting experience and is also a co-host of the video gaming show, “3 Player Co-Op”.  With an interest in sports, gaming and the occasional chicken wing, Langille brings stories to the show that are both high score and main event worthy…. Unless you are talking about the weird news story of the week, in which case they can just be down right ridiculous.

Brian Langille

"Rockstar" Chris Cole comes from over a decade in the wrestling business, in the ring, outside the ring, and on commentary. Chris has also been on the stage for over 30 years and comes from a family of entertainers. He is as talented as he is handsome and there are few people as awesome. Also, Chris wrote his own bio.

”Rockstar” Chris Cole

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So…What’s The Finish?


'What's The Finish?' Is a podcast based in Moncton, NB and Charlottetown, PEI. We cover maritime pop culture and pop culture in the world. We have had on a vast variety of local musicians and others on the show with more to come.

Join "Rockstar" Chris Cole and Brian Langille for 'What's The Finish?' Every Thursday on iTunes, whatsthefinish.ca for all things pop culture. All leading up to our big finish of the week.

Past guests include: Jake ”The Snake” Roberts, Jared Lutes, Eastcoast Love Story, Mother Jugs and Speed, Flea Market Underground, The Cauldron Project, THE WRITERS, Alex Madsen, and many more!

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